With certainty a good decision
this is what made to measure means to us

Technical due Diligence

Irrespective of the size of a property transaction, where the Seller or the Purchaser come from, or the location of the property, a Technical Due Diligence provides security when purchasing a new property or portfolio. In this regard it is irrelevant whether it is an existing property or a project development. A Technical Due Diligence should be a part of every property transaction.

Technical defects, maintenance and refurbishment requirements or high operating costs can quickly lead to unpleasant surprises in the running costs of a portfolio or in the resale values.

Our experienced experts systematically check properties and designs and allow the client to assess the legal and financial consequences that result from the condition of the property or the planning, to let these flow into negotiations or decisions.

The documentation of the decision making basis is becoming increasingly important for partners, banks and also within the own company. Our reports not only document the technical basis for a transaction, but also provide transparency for those involved by identifying problems, describing these and suggesting solutions to decision makers. The validity of a made decision is substantially backed up in this way.

Led by our credo “made to measure”, our clients are provided with reliable concise reports in German and / or English, which clearly show all essential points, and fulfil the specific requirements made by the client, even to tight deadlines.